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After all the discussion about the lost colony of Roanoke and the mysterious word Croatoan the Lady Dicks decided to take a look into the word croatoan… it turns out it’s appeared a few times throughout history, and the missing colonists aren’t the only unsolved mystery (or death) its been associated with.

In part 1 of the episode about the mysteries associated with croatoan the ladies tell you about the mysterious disappearance of Black Bart and the death of Edgar Allan Poe. Black Bart was a notorious stagecoach robber (who was apparently also a gentlemen) but one day he disappeared and was never seen or heard from again… granted it was the 1800s so its not like it was impossible to ghost someone.

Edgar Allan Poe is probably one of the most famous (and best) horror writers in history… in fact, he might have created the psychological thriller genre himself (Tae loves him). One day he disappeared, he was found a few days later and died a few days after that. Vauge? … the deat was a mysterious but the girls tell you what they think happened… or at least what the internet tells them happened.

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