female pirates Grace O'Malley

In this installment of The Lady Dicks Podcast, the #Dicksquad is pillaging and plundering the seven seas along with the lady pirate, Grace O’Malley.

This swashbuckling pirate babe is a pinnacle in Irish folklore. The daughter of a pirate, Grace took over her father’s command of both land and sea after his passing and BOY did she make a huge impact.

Not only did she pillage and plunder in normal pirate fashion, but Grace also forcefully divorced a husband by kicking him to the curb and locking him out of the house (#YouGoGirl), made a plea to the Queen of England in person (without getting arrested) and apparently beat up some eagles? We’re not so sure about the last one…

But, before we go on our epic journey, we’re recapping the Pirate’s Code—just to make sure no one gets marooned by accident.

If you’re ready to set sail, you’re going to want to pop those headphones on and hit play. And don’t forget to pack your theme park clothes, because we’ll be ending our journey at the Pirate Adventure Park in Mayo, Ireland.

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The Lady Dicks did not just magically come up with this information themselves, they, in fact, did research beyond Wikipedia (thanks jerky iTunes reviewer for your one-star comment), and here are those sources:

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