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Stay at a Haunted Oklahoma Hotel: Here Are 6 to Choose From

When you think “haunted hotel” chances are, Oklahoma isn’t the first state that comes to mind.

Georgia? Sure. Texas? Of course. New Mexico? Why not… but Oklahoma? Not the first pick.

However, as it turns out, there are a number of spooky places you can hang your hat in the Sooner State.

From Oklahoma City to Edmond, if you’re looking to score yourself a room at a haunted Oklahoma Hotel, these 6 fit the bill.

Most haunted hotels in Oklahoma

Arcadian Inn, Guthrie

🔨 built: 1908
🛏️ rooms: 8
💸 room price: $269+
🍽️ restaurant(s): n/a
👙 amenities: King bed, Hot tub, Woods retreat
🏚️ address: 2600 E Camp Dr
👻 known ghosts: Edith Ruhl

The Arcadian Inn has a history dating back to 1908 when Dr. AM Ruhl had it built as a family home.

Despite not having practiced medicine at home, there are rumors that Dr. Ruhl kept cadavers in the house during the 40s and 50s.

However, the ghost that roams this historic hotel today is none other than Edith Ruhl, wife of the good doctor.

She passed away in 1977, though it’s unclear whether or not she was at the house at the time. Regardless of death location, guests sometimes report strange occurrences attributed to the lady Ruhl.

Truthfully, the ghostly activity at the Arcadian Inn seems to be limited. So, if you’re looking for a slight thrill but want to be able to sleep at night this is probably the haunted Oklahoma hotel for you.

Stone Lion Inn, Guthrie

🔨 built: 1907
🛏️ rooms: 6
💸 room price: $87+
🍽️ restaurant(s): n/a
👙 amenities: Clawfoot tub/sitting room (some suites)
🏚️ address: 1016 W Warner Ave, Guthrie, OK
👻 known ghosts: Augusta or Irene Houghton

Built in 1907, as a family home by F. E. Houghton, this 8,000 square foot mansion has four floors and 6 guest rooms. It was later turned into a funeral home with a morgue in the basement, before ultimately ending up as an inn.

During the Houghton’s tenure at the home, their 8-year-old daughter, Agusta or Irene — the jury’s out, died in the house. Guests and hotel staff report that she plays with toys around the old hotel.

She’s not the only ghost in the home though. In the former morgue, there’s an unknown male entity not related to the Houghton family.

Some say that other members of the Houghton family are still on the property as well, though there’s limited information on their hauntings.

Despite their website being cutting edge in the early 2000s, you can check out pictures from each of the rooms.

There are only 6, with $77 being the least expensive, and $137 the most. However, if you want to swing for the Murder Mystery package (and who wouldn’t) you can expect to pay $245.

If you’re looking for a haunted Oklahoma hotel with a bit of mystery, the Stone Lion Inn is the place for you.

Old Johnson House Inn, Hugo

🔨 built: 1910
🛏️ rooms: 3
💸 room price: n/a
🍽️ restaurant(s): n/a
👙 amenities: Communal fireplace and porch
🏚️ address: 1101 E Kirk St, Hugo, OK
👻 known ghosts: Possibly the judge’s wife

The Old Johnson House Inn in Hugo, OK (not to be confused with the “Johnson House Inn” located in New Jersey), is a small bed and breakfast originally built in 1910.

Previous occupants include a “hanging” judge (that is, a judge that oversaw hangings in the area) and his wife, so it’s not surprising that there might be one or two restless spirits milling about.

A former housekeeper once reported the apparition of a woman dressed in old-fashioned clothing in one of the guest rooms.

However, the majority of the spooky reports are unexplained noises like footsteps and voices, along with a rocking chair that has a mind of its own.

It’s a quaint home perfect for an under-the-radar vacation with your partner. Take advantage of their hospitality and delicious food, and enjoy the surrounding town!

Oklahoma City Skyline

The Skirvin Hilton Hotel Oklahoma City

🔨 built: 1911
🛏️ rooms: 225
💸 room price: $90+
🍽️ restaurant(s): Park Avenue Grill
👙 amenities: Indoor pool, pet-friendly, room service
🏚️ address: One Park Ave, Oklahoma City, OK
👻 known ghosts: No named entities

Now the Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City hotel, the former Skirvin Hotel is grand and historic. And like other historic hotels, it’s said to be haunted.

The most infamous ghost at the hotel is a female entity named Effie. She was a hotel maid around in the earlier years and had an illicit affair with the owner of the Skirvin Hotel.

Unfortunately, Effie became pregnant, and to avoid the shame of the baby news, the owner locked her in a room on the 10th floor.

Interested in Oklahoma’s haunted history? Check out Haunted Oklahoma, it’s a stellar read 📙👻

Brokenhearted and unable to leave, she jumped from the 10th floor of the Skirvin Hotel. Sadly, it wasn’t the escape she was looking for.

Effie died from her injuries, and now her ghost is stuck on the property. She has a risqué personality, she appears naked in front of male guests and occasionally propositions them. Guests also report hearing a baby crying and doors slamming.

If you’re looking for a grand hotel with a ghost story or two to tell, the Skirvin Hilton Hotel is perfect for you.

The Atherton Hotel, Stillwater

🔨 built: 1950
🛏️ rooms: 69
💸 room price: $166+
🍽️ restaurant(s): The Rancher’s Club
👙 amenities: Fitness center, bar, garden
🏚️ address: Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
👻 known ghosts: No named entities

The Atherton Hotel in Stillwater, OK, doesn’t quite have the length history of some of the other choices for haunted Oklahoma hotel.

Located on the Oklahoma State University campus, there are reports of mysterious lights, glows and shadows, lights that turn on and off, and doors that can’t seem to stay open or closed.

Despite the spooky entities lurking in the area, it’s said to be a gorgeous hotel. Freshly renovated, this gorgeous boutique hotel is worth the visit if you’re in the area.

Nobel House & Restaurant, Watonga

🔨 built: 1912
🛏️ rooms: 5
💸 room price: $149+
🍽️ restaurant(s): n/a
👙 amenities: n/a
🏚️ address: 112 N Noble Ave, Watonga, OK
👻 known ghosts: No named entities

The Nobel House & Restaurant was originally opened in 1912 as a boarding house. It was then expanded in 1937, and today it boasts 5 guest rooms.

The 2nd floor is said to be particularly active. Guests have reported hearing footsteps, temperature drops, and unexplained whispers.

There’s no word on who the cause of the paranormal events is, but the rooms are named after former town residences.

Minus the paranormal experiences, this is one of those quaint and unique hotels. If you’re in the Watonga area, it’s worth the stay!

Planning a trip to Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is a great state for a road trip.

But it could also make for a great weekend trip if you’re looking to get out and about. You can find more than an haunted Oklahoma hotel or two, there are plenty of other attractions.

Here are a few places in the state you can check out if you want a paranormal adventure:

  • Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa
  • Fort Washita Historic Site & Museum, Durant
  • Constantine Theater & Poncan Theater, Pawhuska and Ponca City
  • Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa

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