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Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

Ghosts of the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse sits alone and abandoned 1.2 miles off the Oregon Coast, approximately 30 miles south of the Columbia River. It stands situated on an acre of basalt rock “shaped like a sea monster” in the Pacific Ocean where it’s “sheer cliffs drop straight into the sea to depths of 26 to 240 …


The Dark Side of Disney: Ghosts at the Park

Everyone knows Disneyland as the happiest place on Earth (and Tae would agree because she absolutely LOVES it) but not every day at Disney is a chipper one. One the second episode of The Dark Side of Disney, The Lady Dicks dick-tect stories about the ghosts at the American Disney Parks: Disneyland and Walt Disney …

haunted queen mary

Throwback: The Haunted Queen Mary

Due to some unfortunate sound issues we are not able to release a regular episode, but fear not because we still have plenty of spooks and stories for you. We are halfway through our second season and we’ve released some 50-odd episodes, and we thought now would be a great time to celebrate by throwing …