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Due to some unfortunate sound issues we are not able to release a regular episode, but fear not because we still have plenty of spooks and stories for you. We are halfway through our second season and we’ve released some 50-odd episodes, and we thought now would be a great time to celebrate by throwing it back to our very first episode on the haunted Queen Mary.

Some of you might remember this episode, especially if you’ve been with us since the very beginning. But if you’re new around these parts or you joined us a tad bit later on then this might be fun for you. Prior to becoming The Lady Dicks, we had two different podcasts called Haunted True Crime and Haunted History — our haunted Queen Mary comes from the latter of the two.

Before we send you off on your way to learn all about the haunted Queen Mary, we want to put a caveat out there. This episode was from the very beginning meaning our sound kind of sucks.

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According to Time Magazine, the RMS Queen Mary is one of the most haunted places on the whole planet. Seriously, try that one on for size. She made her maiden voyage in 1936, and since then has been the epitome of luxury, an emblem of history and a transport for the soldiers in World War II. Considering she has so much history behind her, it’s no wonder she’s filled with ghosts.

In this throwback episode of The Lady Dicks, we cover the many ghosts of the haunted Queen Mary from the girl in the pool room, to the crazy murder of a family, the haunted stateroom and the story of the young man crushed in Door 13.

Planning a Trip to See the Haunted Queen Mary?

the haunted queen mary during the day

Great news, if you’re planning a trip to visit the haunted Queen Mary you’re in luck c you can totally stay there! In addition to being a great place to tour around, the Queen Mary is also a hotel.

If you want to up your paranormal adventure game and not only stay at the haunted Queen Mary, but stay in their most haunted suite, they’ve recently opened it for guest reservations. According to the Forbes article we read, this room starts at $499 per night and guests are offered a “ghostly package” which includes “a chest with Ouija board for private seances, tarot cards, a crystal ball and even ghost hunting equipment.” Paranormal paradise!

If you’re not that balsy, or simply not flush with cash (#werelate) you can find rooms at the Queen Mary for as little as $100 per night. Now, if you’re staying at the haunted Queen Mary you need to take into consideration that this hotel is actually a boat that had its first voyage in 1936 meaning she old — so her amenities might not be up to your standards. The hotel does include a business centre, fitness facilities and a spa, plus it’s pet-friendly so Fido can come along pending he’s under 25 lbs. They also have a few nice restaurants, plenty of places to explore and tours you can take! But there is no pool, or other like facilities. And also, its a boat, so it might not be as spacious or glam as you’re expecting.

If you manage to snag a spot at the haunted Queen Mary around Halloween (which we understand to be a particularly busy time ‘o year for them) you’ll probably want to check out the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbour event. Tickets are usually between $20 and $30.

Other Places You Can Stay

Prefer to visit the paranormal hot spots when the sun’s high and the ghosts are sleeping? Here are some other hotels in the area The Lady Dicks recommend staying at:

  • If you’re looking for a hotel near Disneyland in Anaheim, Tae suggests the Kings Inn Anaheim. She and her mother stayed there in 2017 and loved it. It was a 10-minute walk to Disneyland (or 3-minute bus ride) and they took the train into the city. This bad boy don’t have no star rating… but the reviews are 4/5. Plus, Tae’s stay there and she says #approved.
  • If you want a haunted hotel, you can stay on the Queen Mary. While rooms can be a tad bit pricey, if you keep an eye out we’ve actually found a few deals for $100 per night! It’s only a 3-start hotel, but it’s on a freakin’ boat and you might see a ghost (cue The Lonely Islands I’m on a Boat).
  • If you can’t get into the Magic Castle because you have no magician buddies (trust me, we’re in the same boat) you can do the next best thing and stay at the Magic Castle Hotel. Yes, there is a hotel version. It’s a 3-star hotel located at 7025 Franklin Ave. It’s a tad bit pricer but you can get a room for under $300 (money bags…).

Not into any of these hotels or simply want more options? Check out our flight and hotel search to grab a great deal!

Hollywood’s Most Haunted (That You Can Visit)

Yes, you can visit the Queen Mary and we highly recommend that you do so because it’s amazing — not only for its haunts, but also for its immense beauty and unique history! But there are also a few other nearby attractions with paranormal stories you might want to check out!

Want to save 55% on combined ticket prices? Get the Los Angeles City Go Card. Both the Hollywood Wax Museum and the Queen Mary are included on the ticket. Get a Go City Card — seriously Tae did this when she went there and she attended the Queen Mary, Hollywood Wax Museum, another cute little museum down the street, Santa Monica (and rode the rollercoaster at night at Pacific Park) and Universal studios. All for around $120.

  • Go on a ghost hunt, no seriously. Ghost Hunting with Linda offers small intimate group tours with ghost hunter and Los Angeles local, Linda. Right now she has a $25 winter special for tickets so sign up!
  • Take Part in one of the Dearly Departed tours  our pick is the Hollywood’s History & Haunts Tour and don’t forget to visit their artifact museum (tour prices vary but the Hollywood’s History & Haunts Tour is $25)
  • Tour the Hollywood Wax Museum where an unknown ghost is often seen praying on a bench by The Last Supper exhibit (a regular tour ticket costs $35.99)

Looking for More of Hollywood’s Most Haunted Spots?

While the Haunted Queen Mary isn't officially in the "dead Hollywood" series, it's in and around the Los Angeles Area so you might be interested in these episodes

We recently finished a series called Dead Hollywood that features six ghoulishly delicious episodes of crime, paranormal activity and Hollywood Haunts. You should definitely check them out!

  • Hollywood’s Most Haunted: Haunted Theatres
  • The Ghosts of Culver Studios
  • The Black Dahlia Suspects
  • Haunted Hollywood: The Comedy Store & the Roosevelt Hotel


Ghosts of the Queen Mary by Brian Clune and Bob Davis

The haunted Queen Mary is said to play host to something around 600 different ghosts, no, we’re not kidding. So let these two dudes tell you all about them!

Get it on Amazon

Haunted Queen of the Seas: The Living Legend of the RMS Queen Mary

Nicole Strickland is a paranormal researcher and author, which makes her a great someone to go on a ghost-filled adventure with. This is no exception.

Get it on Amazon

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