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Hollywood in all its glitz and glamour is filled with fame, fortune and ghosts. The Lady Dicks are back with another quirky episode, this time we’re talking about Hollywood’s Most Haunted featuring the ghastly tales of the ghosts at the Knickerbocker Hotel, the Magic Castle and the Hollywood Forever Cemetary.

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In it’s hey-day, the Knickerbocker Hotel, located at 1714 Ivar Avenue, was a thing of beauty even featuring a $125,000 chandelier. It solidifies it’s status as one of Hollywood’s most haunted as it’s said to be haunted by the ghosts of DW Griffiths (director of the terribly racist film The Birth of a Nation) who collapsed under said expensive chandelier and died shortly after, Irene Gibbons a costume designer who jumped out of a window in the 14th floor, and a few other ghouling ghosts (like Elvis Presley).

The Magic Castle is one of Hollywood’s most haunted due to its mostly unnamed paranormal members (except Jae and Bill, we know them). First imagined by Bill Larsen, but built by his sons after his death, the Magic Castle is a members-only club for those who belong to or celebrate the practice of magic and illusion.

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is haunted by some of Hollywood’s most famous ghosts including, Virginia Rappe, Clifton Webb and Rudolph Valentino. You can visit this Hollywood haunt and see the graves of Bugsy Siegel, Douglas Fairbanks, Harry Cohn and William Desmond Taylor, among others.

Join The Lady Dicks on this episode to hear the full stories of some of Hollywood’s Most Haunted!

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Planning a Trip to Los Angeles?

Car with the Hollywood sign way in the background, we bet they're checking Hollywood's Most Haunted hot spots... you should too!
Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

We know, we know, you’re incredibly inspired by the Hollywood’s most haunted stories that we shared today and you’re dying to start planning your trip. Before you do, we’ve got some more great places you should check out and a few ways to get discounts so your trip stays on budget.

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Staying in Los Angeles

Unfortunately, the former Knickerbocker Hotel is now the Knickerbocker Apartments where a bunch of lovely old folks live in a retirement community. Seriously, sorry. That said, there are plenty of haunts for you to stay at! Check out our episodes on the Queen Mary, Roosevelt Hotel and Cecil (though… we don’t recommend the last one) to hear their stories!

Prefer to visit the paranormal hot spots when the sun’s high and the ghosts are sleeping? Here are some other hotels in the area The Lady Dicks recommend staying at:

  • If you’re looking for a hotel near Disneyland in Anaheim, Tae suggests the Kings Inn Anaheim. She and her mother stayed there in 2017 and loved it. It was a 10-minute walk to Disneyland (or 3-minute bus ride) and they took the train into the city. This bad boy don’t have no star rating… but the reviews are 4/5. Plus, Tae’s stay there and she says #approved.
  • If you want a haunted hotel, you can stay on the Queen Mary. While rooms can be a tad bit pricey, if you keep an eye out we’ve actually found a few deals for $100 per night! It’s only a 3-start hotel, but it’s on a freakin’ boat and you might see a ghost (cue The Lonely Islands I’m on a Boat).
  • If you can’t get into the Magic Castle because you have no magician buddies (trust me, we’re in the same boat) you can do the next best thing and stay at the Magic Castle Hotel. Yes, there is a hotel version. It’s a 3-star hotel located at 7025 Franklin Ave. It’s a tad bit pricer but you can get a room for under $300 (money bags…).

Not into any of these hotels? Check out our flight and hotel search to grab a great deal!

Hollywood’s Most Haunted (That You Can Visit)

Want to save 55% on combined ticket prices? Get the Los Angeles City Go Card. Both the Hollywood Wax Museum and the Queen Mary are included on the ticket. Get a Go City Card — seriously Tae did this when she went there and she attended the Queen Mary, Hollywood Wax Museum, another cute little museum down the street, Santa Monica (and rode the rollercoaster at night at Pacific Park) and Universal studios. All for around $120.

While you can’t visit the Knickerbocker Hotel unless you have an elderly loved one who lives there, nor can you just waltz into the Magic Castle even though we’ve already given you the password to get in (it’s abra-cadabra) and while cemeteries are creepy it’s unlikely you’ll get the haunted experience or historical background that you want at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary there are a few paranormal things you can do in Los Angeles and the surruonding area.

  • Visit the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California make sure you listen to our episode on the Queen Mary before you go (check out the nightly Paranormal Ship Walk tour for $45)
  • Take Part in one of the Dearly Departed tours our pick is the Hollywood’s History & Haunts Tour and don’t forget to visit their artifact museum (tour prices vary but the Hollywood’s History & Haunts Tour is $25)
  • Tour the Hollywood Wax Museum where an unknown ghost is often seen praying on a bench by The Last Supper exhibit (a regular tour ticket costs $35.99)


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Haunted Hollywood: Tinseltown Terrors, Filmdom Phantoms and Movieland Mayhem retold by Tom Ogden

Much of our research for the Dead Hollywood series was either found in or inspired by Ogden’s Dead Hollywood. It’s a great read with WAY more of Hollywood’s Most Haunted then were were able to cover.

Buy it on Amazon

Hollywood Haunted: A Ghostly Tour of Filmland by  Laurie Jacobson & Marc Wanamaker

If you’re looking for some of Hollywood’s Most Haunted from the Golden Age of Hollywood, then this is the read for you. Authors Jacobson and Wanamaker tour you through the murders and ghosts of classic Tinseltown.

Buy it on Amazon

Looking for More of Hollywood’s Most Haunted Spots?

Hollywood's Most Haunted: the "Dead Hollywood" series on The Lady Dicks Podcast cover photo. The word "Dead" over the Hollywood sign, it's a very clever design if we do say so ourselves!

The Lady Dicks’ Dead Hollywood series features six ghoulishly delicious episodes of crime, paranormal activity and Hollywood Haunts.

  • Hollywood’s Most Haunted: Haunted Theatres
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  • The Black Dahlia Suspects
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