February 14, 1929, is the date of the infamous St Valentine’s Day Massacre where members of a rival gang took out a number of high ranking members of the Bugs Moran gang. And, in the spirit of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, the Lady Dicks are sharing the story.

Join us in Chicago 1929, where gangsters run rampant and if you’re not friends with Al Capone you’re likely to get murdered. We’re going to be talking about the Las Vegas Mob Museum, the “mobster awards”, the Chicago gang scene and what happened on February 14, 1929. You aren’t going to want to miss this one.

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The Lady Dicks did not just magically come up with the information for Not So Happy Valentine’s Day: Exploring the St Valentine’s Day Massacre themselves, they, in fact, did research beyond Wikipedia (thanks jerky iTunes reviewer for your one-star comment), and here are those sources:

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