ghostly encounters in Medicine Hat

The Lady Dicks are back and they’re tackling a collection of ghost stories that are close to home. Medicine Hat, Alberta, located 3 hours from Calgary (where your favourite podcasters live) has a few mysterious haunted stories and the ladies are ready to tell you all about them. Join the #DickSquad as Tae shares the stories of the ghost train and flour mill; Andrea covers the origin story behind the city’s name, a creepy figure who hangs out in the college dorm; and Nikki talks about the coal mine that might or might not exist (we honestly don’t know) and the hospital.

If you’ve got a trip planned for Canada’s sunniest city (honestly, we have no idea why you’re going), then you’ll want to check this collection of haunts out before you go. But here at The Lady Dicks Podcast we’re not only about the haunts but also about the travel. So fear not, we’ve got our #DickCertified travel guide to Medicine Hat. Find out where and when you should visit the city and a few places you should check out.

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The Lady Dicks did not just magically come up with this information themselves, they, in fact, did research beyond Wikipedia (thanks jerky iTunes reviewer for your one-star comment), and here are those sources:

The Lady Dicks Podcast was created by Tae Haahr. The Lady Dicks are Andrea Campion, Nikki Kipping and Tae Haahr (Andrea is regrettably missing during the recording of this episode, she insisted on having a “Christmas vacation”). This episode was produced, researched, written and edited by Tae Haahr.