If you thought that it was men that ruled the seven seas you were sorely mistaken, it was women who were the true oceanic terrors. In this episode of The Lady Dicks Podcast, we’re dictecting the stories of three famous lady pirates who ruled the seas.

Sadie the Goat the ruthless New York City mugger-turned-pirate who would headbut her victims before relieving them of their valuables. Ching Shih the beautiful sex worker-turned-Pirate Queen who ruled the commanded the Red Flag Fleet in the 1800s. And, finally, Anne Dieu-le-Veut who challenged a man to a duel and ended up with a new husband.

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The Lady Dicks did not just magically come up with the information for Pirate Queens: The Ladies of the Seven Seas themselves, they, in fact, did research beyond Wikipedia (thanks jerky iTunes reviewer for your one-star comment), and here are those sources:

The Lady Dicks Podcast was created by Tae Haahr. The Lady Dicks are Andrea Campion, Nikki Kipping and Tae Haahr. “Getting it on in Griffith Park (with Ghosts)” was research, written, edited and produced by Tae Haahr. The Lady Dicks theme music, A Pink Panther, is licenced through AudioJungle.

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If you thought all of the scary powerful pirates were men, then we have the podcast episode for you. Today on The Lady Dicks Podcast the #Dicksquad is dicktecting the stories of the pirate queens who ruled the seas.