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Welcome to Bad to the Bone, the podcast where we roast the World’s dumbest criminals because we can… don’t believe crime and comedy have a place together, then you clearly haven’t heard these stories…

In today’s episode, Tae reads the group a series of dumb laws from around the world, get your thinking caps on and your Making a Murderer law degrees out because these babies are gonna be a doozie.

Bad to the Bone episodes are written, researched and edited by Nikki K., Andrea C. and Tae H. You can find out more information at theladydicks.com, connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @theladydicks, support us on Patreon at www.patreon.com/theladydicks or write us an email at stories@theladydicks.com. The theme song is licenced from Audio Jungle, if you’re interested in hearing the whole track or licencing yourself you can find it listed as A Pink Panther by EverGreen Music.

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