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Our episode on haunted Las Vegas hotels was intended to be part of a larger series called Mob Madness but due to some unfortunate sound issues, we’ve moved the more mob-esque of our episodes to season three. But fear not, because we have a two-part series on some of the most haunted Las Vegas hotels for you.

Join The Lady Dicks this week as we talk about some the tragedies, crimes and otherwise weird occurrences that have happened at two very haunted Las Vegas hotels: the Luxor and the slightly off-strip Oasis Motel.

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Luxor Hotel & Casino

Today’s Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is the former Original MGM Grand Hotel and Casino (sort of). The Original MGM Grand Hotel and Casino was built at 3645 S Las Vegas Blvd in 1973. On November 21, 1980, the former MGM Grand burned to the ground in what was described as a catastrophic fire that took the lives of 85 people, including seven employees and 78 guests.

Today, visitors to Bally’s report the presence and smell of smoke, even though there is no one smoking in the area. Along with the smell of burning and the cries of a young boy. There’s also even said to be the burning apparition of a casino patron still pulling at the slots.

The Oasis Motel

As you might imagine, Circus Circus is a circus-themed resort that features a massive casino, the “Adventuredome Theme Park,” the largest stationary circus in the world and a midway. Originally built in 1968, it features over 3,700 guest rooms and the main casino and section of the hotel are under a gigantic circus tent.

Circus Circus is reported as being very haunted. First and foremost, it has a sordid history with the mob considering its connection to their money and mob boss Anthony Spilotro, so it’s not known how many people have accidentally fallen out of the windows or have been otherwise silenced by the mob. So it’s no surprise that the place is supposed to be haunted.

The Lady Dick’s podcast is produced by Tae Haahr. Haunted Las Vegas Hotels Part 1 was researched, written and edited by Tae Haahr. The Lady Dicks are Tae H., Andrea C. and Nikki K. The theme music is licensed through Audio Jungle and aptly titled “Pink Panther 2”. The Lady Dicks Podcast is a paranormal and true crime comedy podcast.

Planning a Trip To Haunted Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas Strip, where most of our haunted Las Vegas hotels are
Photo by Nicola Tolin on Unsplash

There is a ton of things to do and see in Las Vegas, from the lights and shows to the haunts. Both Bally’s Las Vegas and Circus Circus are full Las Vegas casino resorts — which just so happen to both have sales on for the season.

Circus Circus, not only home to a circus, has a huge casino, a midway with games and activities, shows and even a theme park — the Adventuredome Theme Park. If the clowns, chaos and kids are too much for you, then perhaps Bally’s Las Vegas is a better choice for you! In fact, if you’re looking for a paranormal experience in Las Vegas, Bally’s has a show called Paranormal—Mind Reading Magic.

If neither of these resorts suit your fancy, there are a few other spooky places you can stay at in Las Vegas.

  • The Flamingo Hotel & Casino — originally owned by notorious gangster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. Tae stayed here and she had a grand ol’ time.
  • The Luxor — this Egyptian themed hotel is rumoured to see a few ghosts out and about, plus it’s home to the haunted Titanic exhibit that you’re definitely not going to want to miss.
  • Caesar’s Palace — this Roman-themed hotel apparently has a haunted foundation, plus it’s a super classy joint.

Las Vegas’ Most Haunted (That You Can Visit)

Yes, you can visit and stay at both Bally’s Las Vegas and Circus Circus, but if you’re looking for some other spooky places to visit or activities to take part in, here’s what the Lady Dicks officially recommend:

  • The Mob Museum — home to the famous Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre wall.
  • Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition — known to be home of some of the former passengers of the Titanic, also a great place to visit history.
  • Las Vegas Ghosts — looking to tour Sin City and learn about the ghosts? Then perhaps a Las Vegas ghost tour is for you!

Want to save 55% on combined ticket prices? Get the Las Vegas City Go Card. Both the Mob Museum and the Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition are included on the ticket. Get a Go City Card — seriously Tae did this when she went to Las Angeles and loved it. You can also experience the Big Apple Rollercoaster, Zombie Burlesque, and LOVE by Cirque du Soleil.p.s. Each purchase of the Go City Card through our link supports the Lady Dicks… thank you in advance!


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The Lady Dick’s podcast is produced by Tae Haahr. Throwback The RMS Queen Marywas researched, written and edited by Tae Haahr. The Lady Dicks are Tae H., Andrea C. and Nikki K. The theme music is licensed through Audio Jungle and aptly titled “Pink Panther 2”. The Lady Dicks Podcast is a paranormal and true crime comedy podcast created by INDY ARTS.