Write for Us

We want YOU to write for us. Yes, you. If you love travel, history, paranormal, and other like topics and want to write about them, you’re in the right place.

We accept pitches on a rolling basis, and review everything in our inbox on Wednesdays. Please be sure to send your pitch to stories@theladydicks.com and include “pitch” in the title so it doesn’t get missed. BUT before you send us anything, there are a few things you should probably know…

Skip ahead to make your life easier:


We currently pay $15 CAD for articles through PayPal—if you don’t have access to PayPal, please say so in your pitch, it’s possible we can arrange for alternative payments. Invoices are paid EVERY FRIDAY, which means that while we pay sh*t, we pay fast.

We also feel the need to share with you that we don’t make any money for ourselves from the blog or podcast—our current focus is investing what little we make in writers (and an editor!) who love the same things we do. So we promise we’re not bazillionaires pocketing the big bucks and paying everyone pennies.

Current calls

  • Literally ANYTHING related to Halloween—late September/October are when we shine. It’s also when we launch the new season of the podcast and we LOVE anything related to Halloween. We are currently planning our Halloween content, so get your pitches in now, baby!
  • True crime TV/film related reviews and listicles—tell us about your favourite show!
  • Anything related to the horror and/or paranormal genre of film/TV/podcasts—yes, we are PRO promoting podcasts that are not ours!
  • Road-trip related content—assuming you can do it fast!
  • Book lists/reviews on for fiction/non-fiction books in the horror/thriller/paranormal genre—we tend to publish only non-fiction reivews
  • Features on cryptids, ghosts/spirits, or anything paranormal—scare the pants off us!
  • Folklore and mythology—we don’t publish enough!
  • Spooky travel tips—these are just basically travel tips, but we love to add a little scary flare!
  • Haunted destination gudies—tell us where to go!

We are currently on the hunt for writers who are open to creating regular content. This includes taking assignments, as well as pitching if you have a great idea you want to share. Rates are the same, but regular contributors can claim topics on our content calendar.

Tips + Tricks for pitching

1. Double-check the website

Before you send us anything, do a quick check to make sure we haven’t already covered it.

2. Write “Pitch: [Add your title here]” in your email subject

Our email is set up so that anything with the word “pitch” gets send directly to the pitch folder that we review every week. We want you to write for us, so make sure that it lands in the right place!

3. Be specific

We get a lot of general pitches that are a bit too broad for us to approve. Make sure that you give us some detail on how you want to approach a topic and what you want to share with the audience.

4. Timing

We LOVE holiday content—Christmas, Halloween, Spring Break, Easter, you name it—but we need to see it at a specific time. Generally speaking, 2-3 months in advance of a holiday is the perfect time to send ideas our way. If we are looking for Holiday pitches it should be in our “current calls” but sometimes we forget!

Note that we are currently organizing our Halloween content, so send pitches our way ASAP.

5. Who we are

Pitches can be addressed directly to Andrea and Tae. We run the podcast and blog together.

In case this is your first foray into our world, we are a paranormal history podcast that covers places you can travel to. We publish new episodes every Friday from October to August, taking a brief break in September. We also publish Patreon-Only episodes every other Tuesday—we have one Patreon member named Harry, and we love him more than everyone else <3.

Our goal is to publish on the blog at least five times per week—this helps us drive traffic to both the blog and podcast, which in turn helps us get more money to pay writers like you (this is a simplified version of what happens, but YAY). Hiring writers for the blog is BRAND NEW to us (as of July 2021), so please be patient with us.

We are not associated with the TV show that previously had the same name as us, in fact, we haven’t even seen it. But we do love the actors in it, so we’re sure it’s super cute.

6. Samples/clips

Make sure to send us a clip or two of your previous writing. It’s OK if it’s on a completely different top, we promise we can read through the lines!

7. Perfection is not achievable

Your pitch will never be perfect (trust us, we’ve tried perfection) but if you never send it we’ll never get a chance to read it 🙁

We are two people trying to inject a little bit of fun into the world, and we would love for you to join us. If you have an idea, send it. We are honestly excited to read it!

A note about ideas

We will not steal your idea because we are not monsters. However, we should note that it is possible that we already have a similar topic in our editorial calendar. If this is the case, we will do our best to send you a quick note about it.

Also, if your pitch is rejected for whatever reason, please know that it is not a reflection on your, your writing skills, or your idea. It’s much more likely that it either doesn’t quite fit our style or we’re already on our way to creating something similar.

Thank you!

We are so stoked that you are considering sharing your idea with us. Please make sure all pitches are emailed to stories@theladydicks.com.