**Update: November 4**

The Lady Dicks planned to launch the season starting October 29, 2020, we recorded the first tracks BUT had a bit of an incident and the tracks were lost </3

We are a tad bit heartbroken but refuse to put out the less-than-awesome content that you deserve. We are currently re-recording the content and will be ready to go forward later this month.

Thank you for being patient <3

Hola, ghost hunting amigos!

Here at The Lady Dicks, we know that we kind of totally suck at showing up and being consistent and COVID did not help us get over that—so this year, we promise we’re going to try our best to be SO MUCH BETTER at letting you know what’s happing at Lady Dicks HQ. I can’t promise that we’re going to be pro at it day one, but we’re going to make a conscious effort at being better… so, please be patient.

If you want to be the first to know what’s happening at Lady Dicks HQ sign up for the mailing list. All three of you (hi, mom) that are on the mailing list are going to be getting some awesome sh*t this year including The Haunted Herald—a monthly email letting you know what awesome things we’re working on.

But if you REALLY want to be in-the-know, head to Patreon where we’ll be doing a weekly update with everything that’s going on. Patreons will also be getting monthly bonus content.

Here’s what we got this season:

  • Our season is scheduled to drop from November 26, to July 2020
  • We’re planning on dropping two bonus episodes each month for Patreons
  • We have a BRAND NEW PARTNERSHIP that we’ll be telling you more about later, get ready to travel with the #DickSquad

That’s all we got for now, but we are so excited to get back to talking about ghosts, weird history and other strange shit.

Love, The Lady Dicks