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Hunt a Killer is best known for its hauntingly realistic monthly murder riddles that are delivered right to your door. Aspiring armchair detectives can spend hours unraveling this (almost) real-life Clue game at home. But is the Hunt a Killer Blair Witch season for you?

Each game series or “season” is delivered through six boxes or “episodes” that are sent to you one month at a time. Boxes feature a variety of clues and physical evidence that you can use to solve the case — evidence can include case files, witness statements, letters, crime scene images, newspaper articles, and more.

With each box, you’ll try to remove one murder suspect from the list by going through the evidence to unearth vital clues, corroborate alibis, and determine each suspect’s motivation, means, and opportunity.

It’s up to you to figure it out, and if you were a HUGE fan of 1999’s The Blair Witch Project, Hunt a Killer: Blair Witch might just be the monthly mystery game for you. 

Image of a dark forest, like the one the Hunt a Killer Blair witch suspect could be living in.

Overview of the Hunt a Killer Blair Witch season

Hunt a Killer’s Blair Witch season offers a horror story fit for the movies. But while it’s inspired by the film, it offers an independent storyline that’s perfect for armchair detectives of any skill level that are ready to take on otherworldly powers in the forest. 

Six of the boxes used to make it, similar to previous seasons of the thriller game. Each month, you will get a brand-new box filled with new clues, documents, and tangible artifacts that will help you solve the mystery.

For Instance, the first box contains various intriguing information, ranging from newspaper articles and images to complex puzzles and audio recordings, all of which fit together to investigate the latest Blair Witch mystery. In Addition, this Blair Witch-inspired horror detective game follows the events of the original 1999 Hollywood film “The Blair Witch Project,” a new story of a woman’s son going missing under unexplained situations unfolds.

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What’s the story?

Liam Kent, Rosemary Kent’s 15-year-old son, is missing and she needs your help to find him.

Liam Kent has been missing for months, and the police have done little to assist him. He gets lost in the woods while to learn the truth about recent abductions and the strange forces that are responsible.

You can team up with your buddies or go it alone in this mystery tabletop experience to defeat the Blair Witch and other supernatural forces that might be lurking in the woods.

What’s included

Your Hunt a Killer Blair Witch boxes are delivered right to your doorstep (or mailbox, depending on your mail service.) Series boxes may contain some or all of the following (most likely all, but broken down into the different episodes:

  • Rosemary’s Letter to the Editor
  • Burkittsville town map
  • Magazine Cover
  • Newspaper article
  • Liam’s notepad
  • Pen and bracelet
  • Police reports of missing persons

Boxes could include another physical item or two.

How does it work?

This spooky season of Hunt a Killer has a horror theme to it (obviously) so the images on the boxes might be a little bit different from previous ones. In your initial box you should find something similar to the following:

  • Introduction postcards
  • Physical artifacts
  • Large brown paper envelope full of documents

Your job is to learn about the mysterious Burkittsville town vanishings that Liam Kent went missing investigating, then submit your findings to Rosemary, who’s asked you to help investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding her son’s disappearance. Once you’ve submitted your findings to Rosemary, you should get additional information about the story (provided via a podcast) that will help move the journey along.

Then you wait until the Hunt a Killer subscription service sends the next box of clues in the next episode of the season. 

The Blair Witch season is ideal perfect for:

  • An average gaming night transforms into a scary investigation.
  • Fans of thrillers who have always wondered if they have what it takes to solve a mystery will enjoy this film.

Blair Witch Hunt a Killer review

The Blair Witch season of Hunt a Killer is an immersive experience, giving you a chance to solve unsettling puzzles, horrific clues, and fight off malevolent forces that lurk in the dark, mysterious woods outside of town.

If you’re a budding armchair detective, this type of game provides a richer experience that will leave you wondering whether or not what you’re investigating is really fiction. And, if you’re worried it will be over much too soon, rest assured that they’ve put a lot of work into the game, so you (and your team) will get a good couple of hours of entertainment. 

We suggest making a true game night out of this throwback to a classic horror movie. So get some friends together, put together a charcuterie board, grab a glass of wine, and get read to head into the rabbit hole that is the Blair Witch Hunt a Killer horror themed tabletop game.

Wondering what the Hunt a Killer Blair Witch season is? This post has everything you need to know so you can decide whether or not this mystery subscription box is for you.

Hunt a Killer Blair Witch FAQs

What is the cost of the Blair Witch Hunt a Killer season?

The Hunt a Killer membership currently costs $30 a month, plus an additional $3.95 for shipping in the US. The Hunt a Killer Blair Witch package goes for the same monthly fee. You will receive one box each month, for a total of six boxes for the season.

How many boxes are in Hunt a Killer?

There are six boxes in Hunt a Killer, this is comparable to previous seasons of the murder mystery game.

Is hunt a killer worth buying?

Hunt a Killer’s Blair Witch episodic mysteries are well worth it according to their MANY happy customers. The monthly deliveries come on time, with all of clue and document materials that you need to solve the mystery and have fun. And, word on the street is that the Blair Witch Game, in particular, is well worth the cost.

Is Hunt a Killer family friendly?

You can take the adventure on by yourself, with a friend, or as the highlight of your family’s game night — just make sure you’re cool with the kids playing a game that has to do with missing persons and a witch that lives in the dark woods.

Have you tried the Hunt a Killer Blair Witch season? Drop your thoughts on it in the comments below!

Written by Uzma Malik