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Getting it on in Griffith Park (with Ghosts)

The Lady Dicks are back in Los Angeles today dicktecting Griffith Park haunted tales. From the Griffith Park Zoo to the Griffith Park haunted picnic table, it’s one of the premier haunted attractions in California.  The Lady Dicks are spilling tales from the wrath of 17-year-old Dona Petronilla, the mess of a life of Colonel …

News & Updates Podcast

Notes from Season 3

Happy New Years everyone! We hope you had an AMAZING holiday season and didn’t have too much trouble getting back into business as usual. The Lady Dicks have been on break since just before Christmas, which admittedly was a short time from the later start date we had going this season. But, since we’re a …


The Most Haunted House in America

We bet you ghoulish goblins are wondering what the most haunted house in America actually is, and according to the Travel Channel it’s the Whaley House—though we’re not entirely sure who gives them the authority to decide. Once home to Thomas Whaley and his family, this house originally built in the 1800s has manya a …

female pirates Grace O'Malley

The Lady Pirate Grace O’Malley

In this installment of The Lady Dicks Podcast, the #Dicksquad is pillaging and plundering the seven seas along with the lady pirate, Grace O’Malley. This swashbuckling pirate babe is a pinnacle in Irish folklore. The daughter of a pirate, Grace took over her father’s command of both land and sea after his passing and BOY …


Halloween Origin Stories

The Lady Dicks Podcast is back for season three and we’re kicking off this season with three quick Halloween origin stories.  Do you know how witches first became associated with Halloween? Or how about the fact that single women have historically performed rituals in an attempt to reveal the name of their future husbands (how-to …


Sea Creatures Part 1: Ogopogo, Hydra & Abaia

Sea creatures are mythical beings from folklore are believed to dwell, depending on the monster, in the sea and other bodies of water. Most are said to be enormous and are often said to be dangerous and vile creatures taking many forms including dragons, serpents and multi-armed and headed bests. Join The Lady Dicks this …