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Jazz It Out: The Axeman of New Orleans

Between May 1918 and October 1919, the Axeman of New Orleans terrorized the Italian grocer population in New Orleans, Louisiana. While he had less than a 50 percent kill rate (not exceptional for a serial killer, definitely not one with personal connections to “His Satanic Majesty, Francis Josef, etc.”) he made quite an impact on …


A Ghostly Flight: Haunted Flight 401

The Lady Dicks are back in business, and it’s time to talk haunted airplanes. In 1972, Eastern Airlines Flight 401 crashed into the Everglades during it’s landing in Miami. But it’s not the high death toll that makes this particular crash memorable, it’s the fact that some of the people who died on that fateful …


The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

So far we’ve learned how to spot witches, become pirates and defeat (some) ghosts, and here at #DickHeadquarters we think it’s high time we start tackling some demons. We’re going to be covering a creepy and sad story of a sick young woman who was exorcized over and over again, instead of being given medical …

bell witch farm

Throwback: The Bell Witch of Tennessee

It’s vacation week over here at The Lady Dicks, but we don’t want to leave you with nothing. So, we’re releasing the most popular episode we’ve ever released on the Bell Witch Farm. The Bell Witch is one of the most famous supernatural cases in America. In fact, it was so famous at it’s time …


Doppelgänger: Myth or Omen?

We’re veering off from our regular haunted houses and ghost stories to bring you a truly creepy concept in paranormal literature: the doppelgänger. These creepy creatures are duplicate of living people, and today we’re here to tell you some superstitions, myths and creepy historical tales in order to dick-tect whether they exist. So, are doppelgängers …