The biggest shopping day of the year has arrived!

Since none of us can really leave our houses to enjoy ourselves some holiday cheer and snag a kick-ass deal or two, we’ve decided to bring you our favourites right here.

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We’ll be updating these bad boys through the weekend, so make sure you check back here to see if we’ve got anything new!

Ghost Stop

One of our favourite vendors for true paranormal enthusiasts is Ghost Stop. They sell pretty much everything you’d need to conduct your own paranormal investigation (post-COVID or solo, of course).

For Black Friday, they’ve got KILLER deals on some of their best equipment. You can snag yourself:

  • A brand new spirit box for under $70 UDS
  • A Rook EMF Meter with a free case for under $60 USD
  • A Flux 2 Response Device for under $180 USD

Plus a ton of other great things. This deal only lasts while they have stock, so get over to Ghost Stop right now and fill up that cart!


CrateJoy brings you the best-of-the-best when it comes to subscription boxes. Whether you’re looking for self-care, date night or just want to have a little extra fun, there’s something out there for everyone. Here are a few of our favourite subscription box picks to delight the armchair detective in all of us:

There are a TON of other amazing subscription boxes you can get your hands on right now. So, head over there and shop til you drop and support the #Dicksquad. We love you for it!

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Amazon always has great deals and Black Friday is no exception. You can find something great, no matter what you’re looking for. From housewares and clothing to books, they have you covered. Some of our favourite book deals that you can find right now, include:

Head to Amazon RIGHT NOW to see what killer deals they’ve got going on and get them before they’re gone. The best part is by using our affiliate link to purchase ANYTHING you help support The Lady Dicks!

Hunt a Killer

Hunt a Killer has some crazy Black Friday deals that you won’t want to miss. We know COVID sucks and you’ve watched pretty much everything on Netflix. If you’re looking for something off-screen to keep you entertained, Hunt a Killer has you covered.

This subscription box allows you to play detective as you try to solve the mystery. And dhey currently have an AMAZING box for those that love witches and film. The Blair Witch Project is an engrossing mystery that sets out to see if you can survive the woods!

The best part is, not only do you get to have a ton of fun but by using our affiliate links you can support The Lady Dicks while you do!

Looking to find the best Black Friday deals AND support your favourite paranormal podcast? We've got you covered! Check these bad boys out!